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Kärcher T-Racer T 2 Cleaning Brush for K2 - K3

With the T-Racer nozzle you can clean any flat surface without causing splashes or the possibility of getting other items dirty. You can also clean vertical surfaces.
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56,90 €
Availability: Available in 1 - 3 days
Manufacturer: Karcher
Sku: 2.644-086.0


Two rotating nozzles of the T 2 T-Racer are capable of removing dirt in large areas - for fast and efficient cleaning of large outdoor areas. In addition, the bristles reliably protect the operator and the environment from splashing water, and the "air cushion effect" makes maneuvering easier than ever. Even vertical surfaces such as garage doors can be cleaned effectively thanks to the ergonomic handle.

Suitable for high pressure machines from K 2 to K 3.

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