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Trimmer Blade in the LTR Battery double pack

The coil with practical cap and twisted trimmer cord ensures good results in places that are difficult to access. It is suitable for all 18 V Kärcher Battery Power lawn trimmers.
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22,90 €
Availability: Available in 1 - 3 days
Manufacturer: Karcher
Sku: 2.444-022.0


Under the shrubs it is mossy, weeds sprout and uncontrolled growth thrives under the bushes. Now it is time to put things in order again. Demanding work like this is best done with the high-quality trimmers with double blade in a twin pack, which are suitable for use in the battery powered 18 V and 36 V Kärcher Battery power lawn trimmers. Uncontrolled growth, moss and weeds can also be removed from areas in the garden which are difficult to access with the lawn mower.

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