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Kαρούλι Μεσινέζας με Καπάκι LTR 18 Battery

The coil with practical cap and twisted trimmer cord ensures good results in places that are difficult to access. It is suitable for all 18 V Kärcher Battery Power lawn trimmers.
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7,90 €
Availability: Available
Manufacturer: Karcher
Sku: 2.444-014.0


There are inhospitable corners in every garden wherever it is difficult to go with the lawn mower or a neighbouring wall or shrub are in the way. For work in such narrow and cramped corners a small, flexible yet powerful device is required: a lawn trimmer from Kärcher. The lawn trimmer includes a twisted cutting line, which is constantly readjusted to the coil by automatic supply of cord. That way there is the perfect length of the trimmer line in every step and neat cutting results are guaranteed. Especially pleasant is the fact that the work is very quiet and the coil can be changed tool-free with a few hand movements. And the operation continues, down to the last blade of grass on the strip.

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