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Kärcher SP Small Prefilter

Small profile filter for submersible pumps, while protecting them, durable and easy to install.
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22,00 €
Availability: Available
Manufacturer: Karcher
Sku: 2.997-201.0


Small pre-filter, designed to be added to the submersible pump as an optional extra. Its use is particularly recommended when using the pump in highly contaminated water, such as excavations or floods. The filter prevents large dirt particles from entering the pump. At the same time, it protects the pump impeller and prevents dirt particles from clogging the pump.

Compatible Machines

  • Kärcher SP 1 Dirt
  • Kärcher SP 2 Flat
  • Kärcher SP 3 Dirt
  • Kärcher SP 5 Dirt (not for SP 5 Dual)
  • Kärcher SP 9.000 Flat
  • Kärcher SP 9.500 Dirt
  • Kärcher SP 11.000 Dirt
  • Kärcher SP 16.000 Dirt (not for SP 16.000 Dual)

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