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Kärcher Detail Brush OC 3

The small and powerful fine-detail brush for mobile cleaning guarantees the targeted removal of dirt in hard-to-reach places. Can be fitted directly on the trigger gun of the pressure washer.
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9,90 €
Availability: Available
Manufacturer: Karcher
Sku: 2.644-420.0


The fine-detail brush combines the effect of a flat water stream and the mechanical cleaning power of the bristles for thorough cleaning of hard-to-reach and angled areas, for example on bicycles. The dirt is loosened and washed away directly. Since water is only used when the trigger on the device is actuated, water consumption can be controlled very efficiently and individually. This way, the battery life is conserved at the same time. The brush is fitted directly on the trigger gun. The brush head can be replaced if necessary. The fine-detail brush is compatible with all OC 3 mobile outdoor cleaners.

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