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Instapure R2 Ανταλλακτικό Φίλτρο Νερού Ενεργού Άνθρακα

Instapure R2 replacement activated carbon filter with 5μm filtration density and change frequency every 2-3 months or per 760 litres of water.
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Manufacturer: Instapure
Sku: 8060062
Categories:  Βρύσης


Instapure R2 is a replacement solid activated carbon filter (Carbon Block). The filtration density is 5μm and the replacement frequency is every 2-3 months or per 760 litres of water. It is ideal for the removal of suspended solids (soil, garbage rust). It also effectively filters chlorine, toxins, pesticides and removes bad taste and smell. It is suitable for all Instapure on-tap filters.


  • The unpleasant taste and odor
  • 92% chlorine
  • 100% of solid particles (dirt, garbage, rust, sediment)
  • Pesticides and toxins
  • Organic substances

What are microns (μm)?

Micron-micrometers are a unit of measurement of length equal to a hundredth of a metre. It is also called a micron. Its international symbols are μm and m. In Greek it is also rendered as millionth of a millimetre or millimetre. 1 μm = 1 m = 1/1000 mm = 10-6 m

It is often used to measure activated carbon filters. The smaller the size in microns, the better the filtration.

So choosing a filter with 5 microns is a better choice than one with 20 microns.

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