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Blade LMO 36-40 Battery

No ragged blades of grass, no unevenness – guaranteed with the powerful lawn mower blade made from steel with a cutting width of 40 cm for the LMO 36-40 Battery.
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29,90 €
Availability: Available in 1 - 3 days
Manufacturer: Karcher
Sku: 2.444-012.0


The lawn is mowed, the cuttings landed in the hopper residue-free thanks to the clever shape of the battery powered lawn mower blade – a perfect day in the garden so! The razor-sharp steel blades for the 36-40 Battery saw to this, leaving no ragged blades of grass or unevenness in the lawn. With these blades the desired cutting height is reliably achieved with a cutting width of 40 centimetres and a lawn is left behind that is worth looking at! For changing the lawn mower blade only a few quick and simple hand movements at a screw are necessary.

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