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Atlas Filtri FA CA 10 SX 25μm Ανταλλακτικό Φίλτρο Ενεργού Άνθρακα

Atlas Filtri FA CA 10 SX 25μm replacement activated carbon water filter, with a water flow of 600 liters / hour and replacement frequency every 4-6 months.
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9,30 €
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Manufacturer: Atlas Filtri
Sku: 8060082


Atlas Filtri FA CA CA 10 SX 25μm is a replacement activated carbon water filter. The inner ring is made of polypropylene and is ideal for removing suspensions (soil, rust, chlorine, chemicals, toxins, pesticides). For proper use the filter should be completely replaced every 4-6 months. It is suitable for use with the Atlas Filtri Senior 3P series filter devices.


  • Filter material: Activated Carbon.
  • Inner Ring: Polypropylene.
  • Water flow: 600 litres/hour
  • Properties: Removes suspensions (soil, rust, chlorine, chemicals, toxins, pesticides)
  • Maximum Temperature: 45o C

Suitable for filters:

  • Atlas Filtri Senior 3P

What is micron (μm)?

Micron-micrometers are a unit of measurement of length equal to a millionth of a metre. It is also called a micron. Its international symbols are μm and m. In Greek it is also rendered as millionth of a millimetre or milliohm. 1 μm = 1 m = 1/1000 mm = 10-6 m

It is often used to measure activated carbon filters. The smaller the size in microns, the better the filtration. So choosing a filter with 5 microns is a better choice than one with 20 microns.

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