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Atlas Filtri Μονό Φίλτρο Άνω Πάγκου (Καμπάνα) Χρωμέ

Atlas Filtri bell water filter in chrome colour, for installation next to the tap or sink and connection to a normal and a thermostatic tap.

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98,00 €
Availability: Available
Manufacturer: Atlas Filtri
Sku: 8060010


The DEPURAL TOP filter series by ATLAS FILTRI are water filter devices that are placed on the kitchen counter, next to the sink and connected to the tap spout.

The package contains a complete set of accessories required for easy installation of the filter, which can be carried out by the end consumer without the necessary technical knowledge and without the help of a qualified technician.

It is placed on the kitchen counter and next to the sink, taking up very little space.

It has all the necessary accessories for easy and quick installation and is connected to a normal or thermostatic tap with a pipe and a metal diverter for the choice of filtered or unfiltered water.

The accessories included are:

  • 1 metal diverter with chrome switch
  • 1 metal tap
  • 1m Flexible connection tube 1/4″ with a chrome-plated plug and a chrome-plated metallic screw fitting.
  • 1 Metallic angle for the tap
  • 1 Metal angle for the tube
  • 1 Metal thermo adapter 15mm, male - male M20xM24 (for taps with internal thread)
  • 1 Key for changing the replacement filter

All the above accessories are also supplied as individual spare parts.

The package does not include the replacement filter.

You can choose a replacement activated carbon filter from a wide range, depending on your needs and the effect you wish to achieve.

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