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Kärcher Puzzi 8/1 Facelift Spray Extraction Carpet Cleaner

Powerful cleaning specialist for upholstery, as well as for stain removal on textile surfaces: Puzzi 8/1 spray extraction cleaner with an ergonomic, particularly short upholstery nozzle.
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Robust, durable, efficient: The Puzzi 8/1 spray extraction cleaner from Kärcher impressively cleans upholstery and removes stains from textile surfaces with outstanding and hygienic cleaning results and high efficiency. The compact spray extraction machine sprays the cleaning solution deep into the textile fibres and then removes it again with the dislodged dirt. This excellent back suction performance also ensures quick drying and means that the textile surfaces can be used again quickly – ideal for the high demands of cleaning professionals in the hotel and hospitality sector or in vehicle interior cleaning. The standard, extra-short upholstery nozzle for convenient, ergonomic cleaning of narrow spaces can also be used. Thanks to its very low weight and ergonomic carrying handle, the spray extraction cleaner can easily be transported with one hand. Large push-buttons that can be operated by hand or foot also increase convenience for the user. The appliance lid and the hand nozzle are transparent for a better view of the dirty water.


Outstanding cleaning performance
Outstanding cleaning performance
Perfect fibre-deep cleaning of textile surfaces. Fast drying means that surfaces can quickly be used again thanks to the excellent back suction performance. Excellent cleaning result with visible before-and-after effect.
Ergonomically designed and extra-short upholstery nozzle
Ergonomically designed and extra-short upholstery nozzle
Handle and pressure switches can be operated with just one finger. Practical knob shape allows different holding positions. Red nozzle mouthpiece ensures efficient water consumption.
Light weight and compact, robust design
Light weight and compact, robust design
Effortless, also one-handed transport over ledges and steps. Designed for long periods of fatigue-free use. Long service life ensures high efficiency.


  • Type of Product
    • Μηχανή Πλύσης Απόπλυσης Υφασμάτινων Επιφανειών
  • Warranty
    • 1 Έτος
  • Μέγιστη απόδοση επιφάνειας (m²/h)
    • 12 - 18
  • Connection load (W)
    • 1200
  • Ισχύς αντλίας (W)
    • 40
  • Αναρρόφηση (mbar/kPa)
    • 270 / 27
  • Ποσότητα αέρα (l/s)
    • 71
  • Κάδος καθαρού / ακάθαρτου νερού (l)
    • 8 / 7
  • Όγκος ψεκασμού (l/min)
    • 1
  • Πίεση ψεκασμού (bar)
    • 1
  • Weight without accessories (kg)
    • 8.6
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)
    • 524 x 332 x 442

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Πολύ βολική λαβή και τα 270 mbar αναρρόφηση σε σχέση με την προηγουμένη είναι αισθητά

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