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Kärcher WWP 45 Dirty Water Pump 7hp

With an hourly pump capacity of up to 45 m³ of water, the WWP 45 waste water pump impresses with a powerful petrol engine in applications where there is no external power supply.
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    Up to 18 Instalments

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579,00 €
Up to 18 instalments x 34,05€ / month    erwt
Availability: Upon Order
Manufacturer: Karcher
Sku: 1.042-210.0


Flooded cellars or excavation pits are typical applications of our highly mobile WWP 45 waste water pump with robust tubular steel frame which is designed for tough applications. Thanks to a powerful petrol engine the machine works fully independently of an external power supply and is able to pump out up to 45 m³ of water per hour (750 litres every minute). It also easily processes very coarse particles up to a diameter of maximum 30 millimetres. If required, the pump can also be used for other applications, e.g. for water supply in agriculture.


Developed for tough applications
Developed for tough applications
A robust tubular steel frame reliably protects the machine against damage. Also easily processes coarse particles up to a size of 30 millimetres.
Very powerful
Very powerful
Uninterrupted pumping of up to 100 m For the quick pumping of very large water volumes (750 l/min or 45 m³/h).
Wide range of application
Wide range of application
Fast loading of HD/HDS trailers or IB containers. Can be used for pumping out excavation pits, underground car parks or underpasses.


  • Type of Product
    • Βενζινοκίνητη Αντλία Επιφάνειας
  • Warranty
    • 1 Έτος
  • Flow rate (m³/h)
    • <= 45
  • Engine rating (kW/hp)
    • 5.1 / 6.9
  • Cubic capacity (cm³)
    • 196
  • Τύπος κίνησης
    • Βενζίνη
  • Delivery head (m)
    • max. 25
  • Μέγ. ύψος αναρρόφησης (m)
    • max. 7
  • Μέγ. μέγεθος αντλούμενων σωματιδίων (mm)
    • 30
  • Δεξαμενή καυσίμου (l)
    • 3.6
  • Weight without accessories (kg)
    • 35.7
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)
    • 629 x 425 x 445

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