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Kärcher HDS 9/20-4 M Hot Water High-Pressure Cleaners

Extremely user-friendly middle class hot water high-pressure cleaner with robust 3-piston axial pump, water-cooled 4-pole electric motor and 2 detergent tanks.
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The HDS 9/20-4 M hot water high-pressure cleaner from Kärcher combines the highest cleaning quality with the best ergonomics and user-friendliness. High-quality components and systems, such as the robust 3-piston axial pump with ceramic piston, the low-speed, water-cooled, 4-pole electric motor, optimised burner engineering and the economical eco!efficiency mode, ensure safe and economical operation. The innovative EASY!Force Advanced HP trigger gun with servo control and 1050-millimetre-long stainless steel spray lance with patented nozzle technology is also included as standard for effortless, fatigue-free and ergonomic work. The middle class machine also impresses with its 2 detergent tanks, intuitive 1-switch operation, ergonomic accessory storage, time-saving EASY!Lock quick-release fasteners and a sophisticated mobility concept. Consistently applied safety technology with water filter, safety valves and SDS hose also reliably protects the particularly maintenance-friendly HDS 9/20-4 M from damage.


  • Type of Product
    • Πλυστικό Μηχάνημα Ρεύματος Κρύου και Ζεστού Νερού
  • Warranty
    • 1 Έτος
  • Τρέχων τύπος (Ph/V/Hz)
    • 3 / 400 / 50
  • Connection load (W)
    • 6400
  • Working pressure (bar/MPa)
    • 30 - 200 / 3 - 20
  • Θερμοκρασία νερού (°C)
    • min. 80 - max. 155
  • Flow rate (l/h)
    • 450 - 900
  • Κατανάλωση πετρελαίου για θέρμανση σε πλήρες φορτίο (kg/h)
    • 5.8
  • Κατανάλωση πετρελαίου θέρμανσης, eco!efficiency (kg/h)
    • 4.6
  • Δεξαμενή καυσίμου (l)
    • 25
  • Power cable (m)
    • 5
  • Βάρος (με τα εξαρτήματα) (kg)
    • 155.2
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)
    • 1330 x 750 x 1060

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